Spider-Man: Far From Home — 4.5 Gavels 93% Rotten Tomatoes

Is there such a thing as super-hero fatigue? Probably, but it doesn’t start with Spider-Man: Far from Home, far from it. Part travelogue, remembrance, love story, and action flick, Spider-Man strikes the right tone as a follow-up to Avengers: Endgame. Peter Parker and friends take you from Venice to Prague, then to Berlin and London, not too shabby for a high school field trip. Tony Stark is revered, and “the blip” explained. I am not sure how long Tom Holland and Zendaya can play 16 year olds, but they have nice “chemistry” as students of The Midtown School of Science and Technology. Finally, the CGI of the “elementals” is top- notch. All in all, Spider-Man: Far from Home is well deserving of its 4.5 Gavels, 93% Rotten Tomatoes rating, and 98% Audience score.


Still mourning the loss of his mentor (Tony Stark), Peter Parker looks forward to his European “vacation.” With definite plans to tell MJ how he feels, Parker deliberately leaves the Spider-Man suit at home. Upon arriving in Venice, a Water Elemental from a different reality proceeds to wreak havoc with the city and Parker’s plans. He must assist Mysterio in destroying the creature and preserving his identity. And, Nick Fury is intent that this high school trip shall not interfere with saving the planet.

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Tom Holland is once again Spider-Man, the perfect combination of insecurity and strength. Zendaya‘s role as MJ will certainly expand, deservedly so, now that she is in on the secret. Marisa Tomei and Jon Favreau, as Aunt May Parker and Happy Hogan, make a wonderful couple, kudos to the writers. Pairings are they key as Jacob Batalon and Angourie Rice comically appear as Ned, Peter’s best friend, and Ned’s girlfriend. The only character who feels out of place, just too smug, is Jake Gyllenhaal, as Mysterio.

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Final Thoughts

Spider-Man: Far From Home lists its genre as Action & Adventure, Science Fiction and Fantasy, yet that ignores its comic overtones. Above all, Spider-Man is fun. What teen doesn’t yearn to take a summer European vacation, without parents? What teen doesn’t want a little summer romance, and to ignore his responsibilities to “grow up?” Recent Avengers became bloated with characters, burdened with the gravity of the circumstances. Spider-Man lets us enjoy the ride, remembering the now funny, awkwardness of the teenage years. You just can’t wait for the sequel! Budgeted at $160 million, some are projecting this movie to make $500 million worldwide over its first 10 days. It is that good. I’m not sure I enjoyed a summer flick this much since Will Smith and Independence Day. From Pavarotti to Peter Parker, a good start to July!

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Note: Given the early release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, this review will be published on Wednesday, rather than my usual Thursday offering. I will be back on schedule with my Friday Morning Coffee, so stay tuned.