Teenage Bounty Hunters — 3.0 Gavels 90% Rotten Tomatoes

Did Netflix think that by changing the name of Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters that no one would notice? Does anyone think that its TV-MA (unsuitable for anyone under 17) insures that underage children are not watching these attractive teens talk about explicit sex? (Those same folks probably think young teens don’t smoke and do drugs.) Obviously, I am conflicted about the rating of this 10-part series. As the consensus says, “Teenage Bounty Hunters has snappy one-liners and style to spare.” More on that later.

I am not conflicted by the messages sent by shows of this ilk. Since when did we cede Sex Education (also on Netflix) of our children to Hollywood. Prior to Banana Split, I thought it was just male writers who sexualized young girls (Barely Lethal). Given that Kathleen Jordan created fka Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters, mark that one up in the “wrong” column. The opening scene is teen sex, later followed by discussions of orgasms, masturbation, and lesbianism, not to mention one episode of pole dancers. It all seems to say that underage sex is okay because it “feels good.” Unlike Casual, there are few Consequences, if any. I give the show 3.0 Gavels and it receives a 90% Rotten Tomatoes rating with an 87% Audience score.

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Relating their aforesaid sexual experiences, distracted twins Sterling and Blair wreck their daddy’s pickup truck. As fate would have it, the other driver skipped bail. Bounty hunter Bowser shows up to claim his prize but needs an assist from the girls. After some haggling, he agrees to split the reward that they now need for repairs. All this is the sideshow for the real job of attending Willingham Academy, a very religious high school. References to the Bible to justify their actions come early and often.

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Because these teens “share” everything, at times the dialogue seems almost voyeuristic. Maddie Phillips is Sterling, thought to be the “perfect” child, guns and all. The less “slutty” twin, Blair, is played by Angelica Bette Fellini. If you enjoy rapid-fire, unfiltered, teen gab, this is your vehicle. They are perfectly matched. No need to list any adults as they are all portrayed as dolts.

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Final Thoughts

You need Roget’s Thesaurus for a list of all the adjectives to describe Teenage Bounty Hunters. Inventive, unbelievable, politically correct, sacrilegious, unexpected, and silly are a few that come to mind. I give credit for creativity, but make deductions for presentation.

With so very few Top Critics reviews, here are opposing views. Hollywood Reporter gives a thumbs up with “Teenage Bounty Hunters is propelled by excellent comic performances by Phillips and Fellini, who don’t look all that similar but do share a fizzy chemistry, especially in their crackerjack-timed quips and clairvoyant communications.” The Detroit News is less enthusiastic noting “basically you’ve got a cheeky high-concept premise that doesn’t know where to go. Stars Phillips and Fellini deserve better; so does the audience.” Early on, the minister tells his congregation, as he is about to talk about sex, that “unless you want to have an uncomfortable conversation at the breakfast table, it’s time for the young ones to go with the youth pastor.” Similarly, if you have youngsters that might stumble onto this show, you might want to heed his advice.

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