Friday Morning Coffee — 12/28/18

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As we take one last look at Christmas and 2018, here is the retrospective for the 2018 TMJ column.  To compare, for 2017, I reviewed 134 movies and wrote 37 columns.  TMJ saw fit to grant one movie Five gavels and eight movies were close behind at 4.5 gavels.  One movie was awarded the coveted 0 Gavels.

In 2018, the number of movie reviews sits at 123 as well as  56 columns.  That does not include 13 additional posts of trips to Ireland and Greece.  The recap of the best, and the worst, is:

Five Gavels

Mission: Impossible – Fallout 7/26/18

Green Book 11/24/18

4.5 Gavels

Molly’s Game 1/4/18

Ready Player One 3/28/18

A Star is Born 10/17/18

Widows 11/20/18

.5 Gavels  

Tag 6/15/18

Of note, none of the so-called Oscar contenders reviewed in December receives as much as a 4.5 Gavel rating.  It is widely reported that Holmes and Watson is the worst movie of the year, but I will see it tomorrow.

Happy New Year to all of you who give up your precious time to “review” my thoughts.  It is always quite amusing when someone says to me “I don’t always agree with you.”  I should hope not!    But, in the end, I hope that I provide a bit of guidance.   These past two years have gone by quickly.  On to 2019!

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