Rumble — 3.0 Gavels 29% Rotten Tomatoes

In the tradition of great monster movies, think Godzilla vs Kong, Rumble brings you monsters, wrestling, and . . . dance. After canceling its theater release date four times, the producers finally threw in the towel and now offer it on Paramount+. Searching on that streaming service for something other than 1883, up pops Rumble aka World Monster Wrestling. If WWE immediately comes to mind, you may be in line to win The Big Belt. Before you step into the ring though, be advised the biggest loser of all time, Steve, is 43 feet tall and weighs 22 tons. Maybe you should just sit back and enjoy.

With all Rumble has to offer, the critics are harsh, with a tepid 29% Rotten Tomatoes rating. Still, only seven bothered to step into the Jimbo Coyle Arena. Monster/wrestling fans are a bit kinder with a 5.9/10 IMDb score. With a nice concept, what is it that doesn’t sell? Is it too much commercialism? Actually, I liked Tentacular, Axehammer, and King Gorge. Who else could be a bad-girl but Lady Mayhem? Who is Jimbo Coyle? He was the coach of Rayburn, 9-time champ of the Big Belt. Now deceased, both live on in the hearts and minds of the good folks of Stoker on Avon. Will they ever again have a champion like Rayburn? These are not just fans, these are English-soccer level fanatics. And, they’ve mortgaged their future on a new stadium and a new challenger, Tentacular. I give Rumble 3.0 Gavels.


Betrayed by Tentacular, Winnie Coyle must find a replacement to save the city from bankruptcy. In the depths of Pittsmore, she finds Steve eking out a living as a loser for Lady Mayhem. Distracted by Winnie into winning a bout he was supposed to throw, he must now follow her in order to repay Lady Mayhem. Steve has no interest in winning, even less in training. However, he does like his salsa. Ridiculed by the Monster establishment, a few wins get their attention. Is Steve about to reveal his true lineage to the world? Can this lovable loser save Stoker, or will Slitherpool become the new capital of WMW?


You know him from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Deadpool 2. Terry Crews voices the menacing and nefarious traitor, Tentacular. The voice of Batman in the Lego movies, Will Arnett humorously and convincingly voices Steve/Rayburn Jr. Other famous voices of note include Charles Barkley, Stephen A. Smith, Tony Danza, and Tony Shalhoub. Seen in Bad Education, for which she would probably prefer I didn’t mention, Geraldine Viswanathan voices Winnie.

Final Thoughts

“Train the monster you have, not the one you wish you have.” That’s good advice for all coaches. Steve left Stoker because everyone wanted him to be like his dad. Without her father’s name, Winnie thinks she is nothing. Both learn to be themselves. “I may not be the GOAT, but I’m never going to be a loser ever again,’ shouts Rayburn, Jr.

“There are shortcomings to Rumble, but it provides a breezy sit with lots of monster-hurling action and spunky sports movie formula, offering enjoyable animation escapism.”

“A good-looking, mindless romp aimed at the children of all ages who watch professional wrestling.” Movie Nation

I don’t watch professional wrestling so I missed lots of tie-ins. But, what’s wrong with a mindless romp now and again? Certainly, Rumble is not great; place it solidly in the middle.