Yellowstone 4 — 4.0 Gavels 9.3/10 IMDb

Inside the fertile mind of writer Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone 4 is now the murder capital of America. For three seasons, Yellowstone was the best show on summer cable TV. After the first two episodes dropped this past Sunday night on Paramount, it may well continue that streak this fall. As Season Three concluded, a coordinated attack aimed to kill every one of the Dutton family, save Jamie. Episode One concludes the attack and its aftermath. Who survived? It’s time to heal and protect. Soon, it will be time for revenge. Who is the head of the snake? There’s no shortage of candidates.

Beth Dutton continues to get the best lines. “I am the rock therapists break themselves against.” “Life is perspective and you don’t have any.” John Dutton is more direct. “You get the award for getting shot less.” Our new villain, Caroline Warner gets in her digs saying “Living in Montana is poverty with a view.” But, Yellowstone 4 is no one-trick pony. Now filmed entirely in Montana, you get complex characters, action, both violent and rodeo, plots and sub-plots, as well as the most amazing landscape anywhere. Granted, the evil can be over-the-top. Yet, these denizens of The Big Sky Country never stop surprising in their Machiavellian ways to take over The Dutton Ranch. To stop them, John Dutton bluntly says “sometimes good men have to do bad things.” And off we go! I give Yellowstone 4 4.0 Gavels and it receives a 9.3/10 IMDb score.

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In March 1893, Indians made an eight day ride off the reservation to bury their Chief on the land of his birth, the Dutton Ranch. Burial was to be in an undisclosed location to insure he would never be disturbed. Dutton accommodated their request. Now, over 125 years later, does a proposed airport disturb those bones? Caroline Warner, CEO of Market Equities, needs an agreement with Chief Thomas Rainwater to proceed with construction. Each want the Dutton Ranch, but can they be trustworthy partners? Ambushes and explosions are messy. Surely, there is a better way to secure the most prized property north of the King Ranch in Texas. .

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As Caroline Warner, Jackie Weaver (Poms) is the latest to take on John Dutton and Family. She makes an offer to Rainwater “too good to be true.” Could this tiny, little lady really be behind the assassination attempts on the Duttons? Fresh off a starring role in Those Who Wish Me Dead, a prescient name for Yellowstone 4, is Finn Little. Here, he plays a 14 year old orphan “adopted” by Beth Dutton, or was it the other way around. Given what Tate Dutton had to do to protect his mother, Monica, in Episode One, look for Carter to protect Beth this season.

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Final Thoughts

As pure escape television, it doesn’t get much better than Yellowstone 4.

“First, he insists that he will get revenge on the people who shot him, shot Kayce, blew up Beth, beat up Monica, and burned down his cabin. (Review that list again and tell me about another show on TV that is this action-packed.)” Variety

“Are you breathing yet? The Yellowstone Season Four premiere had a lot to address, and it even made time to introduce two upcoming spinoffs of this juggernaut.” TV Fanatic

One of those spin-offs, 1883, is set to debut December 19 and star Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill. That should make some sweet music.

Eight million viewers watched Sunday night’s opening episodes, up 104% in one year, drawing comparisons to The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Kevin Costner and Company deliver.

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