Thursday Morning Coffee — 12/31/20

Ted Lasso" Make Rebecca Great Again (TV Episode 2020) - IMDb

My Apologies

On the fourth anniversary of The Movie Judge, I readily admit I blew it. Without question, Ted Lasso is the best show, movie or TV, of 2020. In retrospect, had I waited the entire season, there is no question it would receive the coveted 5 Gavels. After only three episodes, I could not yet convince myself that Jason Sudeikis could deliver. I was wrong. It got even better. Kudos to the entire Ted Lasso team. You are fantastic!

Annual Year-End Review

The total number of posts in 2020 are 332 of which the last 288 are consecutive. Of those, thirty are my regular Thursday Morning Coffee columns which became irregular due to the lack of anything meaningful to contribute. Since most of you have real jobs and don’t have time to search for decent TV, I’ve spent the latter part of 2020 looking for entertainment with high Rotten Tomatoes scores AND IMDb ratings. Thus, the gavels granted are generally higher and you see fewer .5 Gavels and below. In the last column of each year, I summarize the good, and the bad. Here goes:

Five Gavels

Ted Lasso 8/18/20

4.5 Gavels

1917 1/11/20

Outlander 2/7/20

Anne with an E 2/8/20

Onward 3/6/20

Bosch 4/21/20

Doctor Thorne 5/20/20

The Mandalorian 5/23/20

Grant 5/29/20

Giri/Haji 6/20/20

Hamilton 7/4/20

Little Voice 7/13/20

Normal People 8/1/20

Garrow’s Law 9/21/20

Ripper Street 9/22/20

Peaky Blinders 10/11/20

Quiz 11/14/20

Line of Duty 12/11/20

The Bletchley Circle 12/18/20

Press 12/19/20

.5 Gavels

Like a Boss 1/14/20

The Last Thing He Wanted 2/28/20

Desperadoes 7/5/20

Man Seeking Woman 10/2/20

0 Gavels

Love Wedding Repeat 4/22/20

-1.0 Gavels

The Wrong Missy 5/16/20

The Hunt 7/21/20

My Thanks

I appreciate all those who take the time to read and comment. Over the past year, my regular readership has grown about 50%. To give you an idea of the power of Twitter and Facebook, I’ve received acknowledgments from an actress on Home Before Dark, and a producer of Becoming You. That doesn’t include a rather disgruntled comment from a critic with whom I disagreed. The Queen’s Gambit was, by far, the most viewed column of the year.

Happy New Year to all of you! Hopefully, the vaccines will get us back into the movies, if not the theaters, soon.

The first review of The New Year? The Croods: The New Age, a movie for the entire family.

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