Dumbo — 4 Gavels 53% Rotten Tomatoes

For those critics who say that “Dumbo flies but doesn’t soar,” I say their hearts are two sizes too small. (My apologies to Dr. Seuss.) Typically not a Tim Burton (director) fan, and in agreement the movie is 10-15 minutes longer than necessary, he really pulls it together midway. This re-imagination will stand the test of time. The bubble animals were reminiscent of Fantasia. And, CGI Dumbo has those adorable eyes. While it has a 53% Rotten Tomatoes rating, I give it 4 Gavels, teetering on 4.5. As of this writing, it does not yet have an Audience score.


In 1919, the Medici Brothers Circus is on the brink of bankruptcy. Holt returns home from war to his two children, without an arm, wife passed away, and his horses sold. Max Medici purchases a pregnant elephant in a desperate attempt to get customers to see the baby. But, the baby has big ears, really big ears. Holt must figure out how to put this baby into an act before the circus collapses. His children, Milly and Joe, have an idea.

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Colin Farrell is Holt, a father who needs to have more faith in his children. Danny DeVito, as Max, is as wonderfully exasperated as one might expect. Michael Keaton plays the underhanded V.A.Vandevere, always out to make a buck. Eva Green (Collette) is the love interest and trapeze specialist. Nico Parker as Milly, particularly stands out.

Final Thoughts

Were you “scarred for life” as a child when Dumbo was torn from the trunk of his mother? This version will likewise put a lump in your throat. Projected to make $50-65 Million this weekend, the AMC parking lot was full. Dreamland (below) might remind you of a 1919 Disneyland. Rated PG, Dumbo possesses the sweetness, and fantasy, that kids, and parents, will adore. Not as good as Beauty and the Beast, but this fits well in the Disney catalogue. Enjoy!

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