The Greatest Showman Redux

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It will snow on the first day of Spring before I ever revisit a review.  It did what?  Oh.  Never mind.
When your granddaughter wants to see The Greatest Showman on a snow day, you leap at the chance.  I was reluctant to go to the Danbarry Dollar Saver in South Dayton as, let me say, the last time I was there it needed some “maintenance.”  To my surprise, it was much better and, as an added benefit, they have Two Dollar Wednesday where all concessions were two dollars each.

For those interested, I reviewed this movie 12/20/17 giving it 4.5 Gavels.  $399 million later, I want to say that I got this one just right.  Like Moulin Rouge, I liked it better the second time.  It just resonates.  FYI, this is the highest grossing movie in North America to never enter the top three over a standard weekend. 

Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Keala Settle, and the rest were great choices.  And, the ending with P.T. Barnum riding up to the Ballet Theater on an elephant could not have been more perfect.  Bottom line–my granddaughter loved it.  I can’t wait until the next snow day.  Like P.T., I can also have “A Million Dreams.”  After all, it is Ohio weather we are talking about!