Addams Family 2 — 3.0 Gavels 24% Rotten Tomatoes

After being the ghoul of the show in The Addams Family, Wednesday becomes the focus of The Addams Family 2. Like most teens, she wants nothing to do with her family. To bring the family closer together, Gomez suggests a road trip. From Niagara Falls to Miami, and San Antonio to the Grand Canyon, a lawyer chases them determined to bring Wednesday to the scientist Cyrus Strange. Still fun, and at times witty, The Addams Family 2 falls short of its predecessor. The original brought back pleasant memories of a kooky series long past. A road trip just seems overdone.

Where else would you stay in San Antonio but The Alamo-tel? Sadly we, get too little of that and too much of unintelligible Cousin Itt (Snoop Dogg) who adds nothing to the plot. Still, the animation is gorgeous, it’s a good children’s flick for Halloween, and it’s tolerable for adults. After the first one made $204 million on a $24 million budget, I’m sure MGM was quite pleased. Now, it’s back to the drawing board. Gomez suggests an around the world trip at the end of The Addams Family 2. Let’s not. Come up with some original ideas or put this one in its casket. I give the animated feature 3.0 Gavels and it receives a 24% Rotten Tomatoes rating with a poor 5.4/10 IMDb score.

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Certain that she will win the school science contest, Wednesday fails to understand this new concept that everyone who participates is a winner. She catches the eye of the contest sponsor, Cyrus Strange, after using her squid to improve the functioning of a “human,” Uncle Fester. Preparing to leave on the road trip, Mr. Mustela appears demanding a DNA sample from Wednesday, suggesting a switch at birth. Wednesday wonders if that is why she is so different from her family. No hugs for her!

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Besides the returning voices mentioned in The Addams Family, Nick Kroll (Captain Underpants, Secret Life of Pets 2) fulfills the wish of a lifetime as Uncle Fester. Who wouldn’t want to mutate into a squid monster? Bette Midler voices Grandmama Addams, on the screen for too short a time, but throws a mean party. Wallace Shawn of Young Sheldon is the squirrely lawyer. You will immediately recognize the distinctive voice of Dr. John Sturgis.

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Final Thoughts

Addams Family 2 has all the look of a picture rushed into production. None of the writers on the first are listed for credit in the second. The first stop was to be, appropriately, Salem, Massachusetts. Instead, they end up at Niagara Falls. Picturesque yes, spooky no. Other than tourist traps, the stops make no sense from a scary perspective.

“I’m not really sure why it exists at all… It kind of lurches (no pun intended) from one wacky scenario into the next.” FilmWeek (KPCC – NPR Los Angeles)

“Remains kooky and fun, yet it lacks the warmth from the previous film and feels more juvenile, too.” The Wrap

Verdict–3.0 giggles for kids, 3.0 boos for adults.

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