The Addams Family — 3.5 Gavels N/R Rotten Tomatoes

“Their creepy and their kooky, mysterious and spooky” . . . and wacky, in a good way. The Addams Family lives the opposite of “normal” folk. To escape the hordes trying to harm his family, Gomez must find a place so terrible, so horrid that no one would want to live there, i. e., New Jersey. Most surprisingly, Lurch and Company are quite the music lovers. The Addams Family organ is in fine tune. To the horror of her mother, teen Wednesday wants to try out the new school. Let’s just say her frog dissection goes a different direction. I give the flick 3.5 Gavels and it has no Rotten Tomatoes score nor Audience rating as yet.


Finding the right “asylum” to move into is never easy. After the haze clears, they see a new subdivision just down the hill. Will it lower the property “values?” What will their relatives think of these new neighbors? Will Wednesday play nice with the other kids at school? Why does the TV realty show host/developer think The Addams Family house needs a makeover?

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Charlize Theron voices Morticia and Oscar Isaac is Gomez. Both are scary good. Wednesday is the scene-stealer, always in control, yet disconcerting. Chloe Grace Moretz is a middle-schooler again. You might also recognize Allison Janney as Margaux, the TV host.

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Final Thoughts

Of the few critics reviews thus far, most seem to find The Addams Family too sweet. While I found Margaux more annoying than evil, the story seems a good mix for kids and adults. The lifestyle contradictions continue to be funny; the themes of acceptance and protecting family are spot on. Why not have a town named Assimilation? Shouldn’t we blend in? Gomez, Morticia, and company have their own learning curve about differences. Sometimes critics fail to remember that filmmakers are entertaining a whole new generation while returning fond memories to older ones. Count me in on the fun in this animated film.

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