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Warned by the ratings, suckered in by Netflix’ Top Ten in the U.S. Today, I fell for it. Not since The Disaster Artist has a film been so viscerally distasteful. Love Wedding Repeat is not Groundhog Day, it is just potty-mouth, potty-mouth, repeat. Seriously, this may be the worst script ever. The movie begins with stunning vistas of Rome, then plunges to depths rarely seen before. Characters described as clingy or socially awkward are really just self-absorbed. Love Wedding Repeat is the flick that you can’t wait to end and put you out of your misery. It is that bad! I give it 0 Gavels and it garners a 33% Rotten Tomatoes rating with an equally bad 36% Audience score.

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At the invitation of his sister, Jack and Dina meet and enjoy a wonderful few days in Italy together. As he musters the courage for their first kiss upon departure, fate intervenes and the simmering romance cut short. Three years later, Hayley is now getting married and the two will cross paths again. Will a few misplaced place cards foil their chance at love? Does love grant do-overs?

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Sam Claflin, so good in this type movie in Me before You, decided to morph himself into Hugh Grant. He fails, miserably. As Jack, he and Olivia Munn (Dina) should be a dynamic couple. Yet, they produce all the electricity of a dead battery. Those of you who enjoyed Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza in Poldark will be absolutely shocked at this performance. Hayley is about as shallow as a part can get. Overall, the cast may qualify for Worst Ensemble in a Major Motion Picture if Love Wedding Repeat even qualifies as a major motion picture.

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Final Thoughts

“Love is about grabbing those chances when they come around” is what passes for profound writing in Love Wedding Repeat. Or, maybe, “the most important thing is that someone loves you for just being you.” There, you have it. The best of the movie. Moreover, as bad as the film is, unbelievably, the outtakes at the end are worse. “It’s exhausting and kind of irritating” and “middle school-level humor” are a couple of critic quotes. They also make references to a quick divorce. In conclusion, please don’t repeat my mistake. If you do, you will have to repeat after me, “I should have listened. I should have listened.”

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