Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! — 2.0 Gavels 3.8/10 IMDb

Nothing about Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! makes much sense. Isn’t that our purpose in life, to embarrass our kids, intentionally or unintentionally. Our very existence embarrasses our kids. At least we know what we are doing. But, what in the world is Jamie Foxx (Ray, Just Mercy) doing? The trailer indicates he is going back to his roots. If so, he’d be better served letting those roots stay buried. I made it through two of the eight half-hour Netflix episodes. For a comedy, you need laughs. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! provides precious few. And, what’s up with all the annoying asides into the camera? Maybe they think we’re too dumb to get the jokes.

Overall, it seems like most of the characters are trying too hard to be funny, particularly Mr. Foxx. He is clearly in love with his impressions. So, why not add more opportunities with added characters Rev. Sweet Tee, Cadillac Calvin, and Rusty. Heaven help us if he gets a second season and still more sad embarrassments. Apparently, each episode teaches us something about Black people. In Episode One, we learn Black people don’t go to therapy. Once you see the therapist, you’ll understand why. Episode two informs us that Black people go to church. Once you see Rev. Sweet Tee, you’ll wonder why. I give the Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! 2.0 Gavels and it receives a poor 3.8/10 IMDb score.

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After her mom passes, fifteen year old Sasha travels to Atlanta to live with her father, Brian Dixon. He inherited B.A.Y. Cosmetics from his mother. From Sasha’s perspective, she is not his priority. “You are a fun guy, but not a god dad.” Missing a planned sushi dinner to woo some Korean investors only cements her opinion. Moreover, why go to church? Isn’t it just a big hustle? Then again, cinnamon rolls before church and the Hometown Cafe after sounds pretty good. Maybe Brian and Sasha can connect.

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As Sasha, Kyla Drew needs more sass. Virtually every teen I know can do embarrassment more believably. David Alan Grier makes a nice grandfather as Pops, but does he have to be a caricatured weed-smoking ladies’ man? Speaking of which, do all sisters have to be Black Widows, i.e., eat you after they make love to you? Chelsea, Sasha’s favorite auntie, played by Porscha Coleman, stands so accused.

Watch the Trailer For Jamie Foxx's Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! | POPSUGAR  Entertainment

Final Thoughts

Problematically, Ted Lasso spoils us. Once we see comedy without reference to flatulence, we expect better. Oddly, the expectation game plays funny tricks on us. I expected little from Jason Sudeikis and got a lot, and expected much from Jamie Foxx and got embarrassment. Go figure.

“As sitcoms go, ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me‘ traffics in broad stereotypes, caricatured characters, and familiar setups to try and make some comedy happen. The results sadly fail to materialize.”

“With Jamie Foxx surfacing more than one character, this feels like a fun project for him rather than the audience.” Ready Set Cut

In short, I’m still looking for another good comedy. How about you?

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