Thursday Morning Coffee — 2/6/20

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May The Force Not Be With You!

Apparently the place to go for “all things thriller” is The Real Book Spy. In 2017, this site gave its first perfect score to The Force. Now, this best-seller will star Matt Damon as a police sergeant (Manhattan North Special Task Force), on the take from drug gangs and the mob, trying to avoid prosecution by the feds. Of course, the author throws in some racial tension, too. No date is yet set for production, but does Hollywood ever do movies about good cops anymore?

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How funny can it be?

If a project sits in “developmental hell” since 2004, will it ever get love from audiences? In checking out Bob The Musical, I found a story that Tom Cruise was rumored as the star back in 2015. Now, Channing Tatum is said to star and produce. With the insatiable demand of the new streaming services, perhaps this is the time for the Disney concept. Bob, a regular guy, suffers a blow to the head. Suddenly, he hears the inner songs in everyone’s heart, and his life is turned into a musical. Given that, one can only assume that Bob will do more than just sing in the shower!

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In yet another of those contrivances I could never have imagined, Broadway is about to bring you The Karate Kid: The Musical. Remember the sweet movie from 1984 where Ralph Macchio learned about bullies, love, and karate from Pat Morita? That $8 million film earned $91 million at the box office. Add some music and some dancing, and maybe you get the next West Side Story? Let’s follow this one!

Marital Tension!

If an avalanche is coming at you, your wife, and two children, what would you do? In a remake of Force Majeure, Will Ferrell runs, leaving Julia Louise-Dreyfuss and kids behind. To be released February 14, re-named Downhill, it is not a comedy. Rather, the directors want you to feel uncomfortable as if you were in the same room as the couple arguing. Let’s hope it’s as good as Marriage Story, another of those “uncomfortable” films.

Did you know that Robert Parker wrote 40 novels about private detective Spencer?

In 2011, the Estate of Robert Parker selected Ace Atkins to continue the Spenser series. Spenser Confidential is based upon his book Wonderland. Based in Boston, who else could play Spenser but Mark Wahlberg? To be released March 6 on Netflix, Spenser must solve the murder of two friends with the help of his old boxing coach (Alan Arkin) and a promising amateur MMA fighter (Winston Duke). The trailer looks like fun!

His side of the story?

On the heels of RBG and On The Basis Of Sex comes Created Equal, a documentary about the life of Clarence Thomas. Set to be released before the Iowa primaries, it prominently features Joe Biden and Anita Hill in the Thomas confirmation hearings. Known as the justice who never asks questions in oral argument, the film claims unprecedented access to Thomas. The director says “It is revealing. I’ll let viewers decide if it’s good or bad. It was a big moment for Biden. He got a lot of national attention.” At least part is devoted to faith. Thomas attended seminary, then became a revolutionary leftist, and later returned to Christianity. Likely, most of what we know about Clarence Thomas is wrong.

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How safe is your phone?

If Jeff Bezos can be hacked, anyone can. The story goes that Bezos wants to expand Amazon operations in Saudi Arabia. He and the Crown Prince exchange phone numbers. Shortly thereafter, Bezos phone accepts an MP4 video file from the crown prince’s WhatsApp account. Data is extracted from Bezos’ phone. Five months later Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist critical of the Saudis, is killed inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey. Is there a conspiracy? The Saudis deny the hack, the U.N. is investigating, and The Financial Times says the report “does not have conclusive evidence.” Sounds like we have the makings of a movie!

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