Tuesday Morning Tea – 9/4/18



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Oregon, we have a problem!

I really have nothing against Katie Sackoff.  But, in an irreverent attempt to continue the most nonsensical lists ever, I ask who are the great actors from Oregon?  Why Oregon?  No particular reason except that the State was in my mind after the game against my beloved Buckeyes last weekend.  To determine the answer, what does one do?  He Googles!  And the answer is Katie Sackhoff.

Now Katie is a nice actress.  She is great in Battlestar Galactica and Longmire, and has a nice career going, but she is clearly not in the upper echelon of famous actresses.  Surely, Oregon can do better than this.  How about . . .


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You Are Not Serious

The next name is Ty Burell.  Very funny in Modern Family and provides voices in Finding Dory and Mr. Peabody and Sherman, he will never be mistaken for Tom Cruise.   Let’s try again . . .


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Now We’re Talking!

Since we get to be Ohio-centric, why not Howard Hesseman from WKRP in Cincinnati?  Okay, Okay, it’s not easy finding big-time actors from Oregon.  I’ll look harder. . .

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No, It’s Not Johnny Carson

Doc Severisen is from Oregon.  A fixture on the Tonight Show for years, he is not exactly an actor. But, he sure is entertaining.  He is definitely a guy you would like to chat with over a beer.   Nevermind . . .

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Tennis, anyone?

Bridgette Wilson is in I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Wedding Planner but not on the screen since 2008.  She married Pete Sampras in 2000 and they have two sons.  C’mon Oregon, surely you have an active A-list actor somewhere . . .

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Not Mary-Kate Olsen, not Ashley Olsen

Perhaps not as famous as the twins, Kaitlin Olson, does well in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and also provided a voice in Finding Dory, but she is clearly no Charlize Theron.  Wilson and Olson do give points to Oregon for models.  Maybe, I should try a different occupation.  I’ll give it one more try  . . .

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The Wide World of Sports

Everyone knows that Oregon is Nike is Phil Knight.  But before there was Nike (1971), there was Dick Fosbury who changed the high jump world with the Fosbury Flop.  Dick was born in Portland and attended Oregon State University.  Winning the gold medal in 1968, this is an A-plus athlete.   So why can’t Oregon come up with an A-plus actor?   I give.




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