Boss Baby — 2.5 Gavels 49% Rotten Tomatoes

When referring to children’s entertainment, a wise man once said, “It has music and dancing. What’s not to like?”  To paraphrase, “Boss Baby has babies and puppies. What’s not to like?”

I was determined at all costs to avoid this movie. After all, I had seen the previews. Then, after seeing that it led the money earners this week (including Beauty and the Beast), I decided to give it a look. On a Tuesday for $11.98 for two, I am glad I did.  This, to be sure, is nowhere close to a Pixar or Disney animated movie but it was, dare I say, cute. The eyes on the babies are straight out of the paintings in Big Eyes.  Some critics found them distracting.  I found them cute. 
Boss Baby is a story about two corporations, BabyCorp and PuppyCorp, who are fighting to control all the love in the world.  But, more than that, it explores bringing a new sibling into a family and the
issues it presents. Alec Baldwin voices Boss Baby, his deep voice a funny juxtaposition to that of a baby.  Steve Buscemi is always good as the bad guy, in this case, the Boss of PuppyCorp.  Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow provides voices for the parents.

Judging from the giggles of the kids sitting next to us, I am sure they enjoyed Boss Baby.  I had my own share of giggles.  Is this movie great?  No, but 63% of the users liked it, so you have a better than 50-50 chance.  I give it a BTE—better than expected.

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