Where have you been?

He’s back!  For my faithful followers around the world who wondered where I’ve been the last three
weeks, TMJ has been in Australia and New Zealand studying movie-making Down Under.  Not really, but riding buses through the wilds of Aus and NZ did give me an opportunity to again see The Sapphires and The World’s Fastest Indian, both quality movies and highly recommended (4 Gavels each).

The Sapphires is a true Australian story about three aboriginal sisters and a cousin who become the
Australian Supremes during the Vietnam War.  Chris O’Dowd is terrific as their bumbling manager and you will enjoy the music.

The World’s Fastest Indian is not about Indians nor India but a true New Zealand story about an eccentric Kiwi who wants to race at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Anthony Hopkins wonderfully portrays  the tinkerer who no one (except a young neighbor boy) believes has any business competing at Bonneville.

Hopefully I will be back in the current movie review business by Tuesday night. Of course, I will have jet lag and grandparent duties to deal with but such should not interfere with TMJ responsibilities.  Let’s see. Which movie should I pick first?  Hmmmm. .  .  .

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