The Olivers vs. The Oscars

Who will win the Oscars?  There are favorites, of course.  But, which movies will entertain you?  I present to you the Olivers, i.e., of the nominated movies which will you actually like, not necessarily the ones that will win.  And the Oliver for Best Picture goes to (in order of entertainment value):

Best Picture
1.  La La Land—most creative, most colorful and most fun.  (Deadpool was the most outrageous and                             funny and raunchy but not nominated.)   Yes, Gosling and Stone do not have the                                   greatest voices, but this movie took a leap and was very good.

2. Hidden Figures–Beating the Russians is always fun!

3. Hacksaw Ridge–Mel Gibson tells a great story.

4. Hell or High Water–Jeff Bridges is terrific and this was an unexpected pleasure.

5. Lion–Not a great movie but who can resist a little boy getting lost?

6. Arrival–I didn’t get it; The Outer Limits was better except in black and white.

7. Moonlight–Not a movie most will relate to.

8. Fences–Not a movie anyone will relate to unless you had a really bitter old man.

9. Manchester by the Sea–This movie could be in 6, 7, or 8 for that matter, just not entertaining to                                watch.

There were lots of entertaining movies out in 2016, unfortunately none of those will get an Oscar. Unless you are driven to see all the Oscar nominated movies, only the first four deserve your attention.

TMJ will comment on the actors and actresses in the coming days.  Stayed tuned.

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