Norway—Day 6

When you think Norway, this is what you picture. Apparently, this is the most photographed fjord in the country, taken high above Gerainger.

The town of Lom provides us another chance to view a stave church, one of the largest in Norway.

Impressive when you consider this was built in 1150 AD.

Our guide swears Lom has the best bakery in all Norway. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of almost “Oliver bread.”

Then, on to the viewpoint above Gerainger, at 4500ft. Here, we leave the public road to climb to the top on a private road.

Here we are at the top and, yes, the snow is real! And, down far below, is our hotel and a cruise ship.

Our hotel has an impressive view and a 1927 Buick.

Waterfalls are plentiful. Views are fabulous. Tomorrow, we explore more of Gerainger.