Norway—Day 5

Entering Oslo harbor reminds me of Stockholm, small islands abound.

Can’t wait to explore downtown Oslo.

But first, Lillehammer. How high is the ski jump? Something on the order of “you gotta’ be kidding me!”

Picturesque view from the ski jump.

Maihaugen grounds and church, originally built in the 1200’s.

Though the inside of the church was quite nice, the neck iron outside was not so nice for an unmarried, pregnant girl. She remained chained throughout the Sunday service.

These farm buildings were moved and reconstructed here. We even attended “school.”

I guessed this was a guardhouse. Actually, it was a pay station. Look closely inside and you can see the pay slots.

Then, on to our hotel for yet another beautiful vista, across from ski runs, and a beer. But, be careful or it might knock you on your . . .

Tomorrow, Dalsnibba Viewpoint.