Poland — Day 8

Who names their airline Wizzair? Before this trip, I’d never heard of the Hungarian ultra low cost airline. For that matter, I’d never heard of the Luton airport. Both are a new experience and, let me say, the plane was much newer than the Virgin Atlantic that we flew across the pond. It was a nice flight to Poznan, Poland.

As we travel to Bobowicko, the farmland could be Ohio, or dozens of other places in the U.S. Why Poland? Due to COVID, our granddaughters had not seen their maternal grandparents in three years. Now 16 and 14, imagine how much they’ve grown.

Some years ago, we were fortunate to take a tour of southern Poland, including Krakow and Warsaw. While the Nazis leveled Warsaw, Hitler ordered his armies to spare Krakow. Both are lovely cities with public squares teaming with restaurants and shops. This year, we tour northern Poland and you get to travel along. Trust me, Poland surprises and you won’t be disappointed.

But first, and pardon me if the narrative is a little ”blurry,” one must partake in the traditional vodka welcoming ceremony. For the uninitiated, the vodka welcoming ceremony will last the entirety of our trip.

So, the tour officially starts tomorrow, and hopefully the history, geography, and sociology will follow. Rain may well impact our visit to Kinga’s hometown, but I’m sure we’ll manage. Besides, there’s no rain 100 feet below ground in the Bunkers. What are the Bunkers? Check out tomorrow’s post.