Cosmic Sin — 2.5 Gavels 3% Rotten Tomatoes

“In the year 2525, if man is still alive . . .” (as the song goes), Cosmic Sin will probably still be a toxic waste dump. Truthfully, I watched the 88 minute Netflix film solely to see if it deserved the near-record 3% Rotten Tomatoes rating and 2.5/10 IMDb score. In reality, it is just another B-movie with mediocre acting, poor dialogue, bad CGI, awful editing, and a nonsensical story. In other words, no different from many Netflix movies. Interestingly, the Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes is 63%, so someone likes it. Besides, it’s nice to know that 400 years from now we still look and sound like 2021, and that Det. John McClane can still save the world.

How bad is the dialogue in Cosmic Sin? “I’ve been thinkin’.” “Did it hurt?” Is that fifth grade banter or sixth? The worst sin is the miserable failure to have any meaningful discussion on “first contact.” Other than “is it positive or negative for either species,” the writers give little pause as we zip right to complete annihilation. Of course, that justifies the nickname for “Blood General” James Ford. It seems he Q-bombed 70 million on a rebel colony back in 2519. Zip forward to 2524 and the first contact on Claimed Planet 4217 does not go well. Dr. Goff points out that it is a “sin against the cosmos to wipe out a species.” Some critics might argue that it was sin against the cosmos to birth this movie. In any case, I give Cosmic Sin 2.5 Gavels, noting I’ve seen a lot worse.

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In 2031, we establish the first colony on Mars. By 2042, quantum propulsion technology allowed humankind to colonize the cosmos. Then, in 2281, the Mars colony failed but the Alliance still ruled Earth, Zafdie, and Ellora. Two hundred thirty eight years later, General Ford earned his moniker when Zafdie attempted to secede. When word of the first contact incident reaches General Ryle, his first response is to seek the advice of now-demoted and retired Ford. His recommendation? “Prepare the Q-Bomb immediately.” Operation Cosmic Sin is now a go!

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Det. John McClane, rather Gen. James Ford, is grunted by Bruce Willis (Death Wish), acting more and more like Vin Diesel all the time. Or, maybe it’s the other way around. Somehow, this is the kind of movie that seems to find Frank Grillo (Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard). As Gen. Ryle, he gets top billing in a film he would rather forget. Appropriately, no one else makes much of an impression.

Cosmic Sin review - Hero Collector

Final Thoughts

Always unappreciated for saving the planet, Ford wryly notes that “either way this works out, we are on the wrong side of history.” Doesn’t he know that the victors get to write the history books? Then again, when you kill 70 million or so, there must be lots of “collateral damage.” In any case, those on Segia Majora, 608,912 light years from Earth, learn not to mess with Texas, excuse me, Earth.

” As for Bruce Willis: despite the Buzz Lightyear getup-or perhaps because of it-this man will not, cannot be hurried, adding to a growing collection of performances in which he barely seems capable of staying awake let alone saving the world.”

Cosmic Sin is an excruciating watch, top to bottom, featuring an absolute mess of camera work, scenes where actors don’t interact with one another, and bottom barrel sci-fi leftovers.” IGN Movies

If you have a Death Wish and want to Die Hard, feel free to watch Cosmic Sin. There’s much hyperbole in this review, but you are forewarned. Many hate this flick!

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