Shanghai – 10/26/19

The Three Gorges Dam is 607 feet high and 6500 feet wide. Construction began in 1993 and finished in 2009 at a cost of $35 Billion. Additional locks will be built for another $5 Billion. Chang Jiang in Chinese means Long River. We know it as the Yangtze.

Scale model of dam area

Locks at dam

View at top of dam

We wonder what it costs to light up bridges, etc. Look closely and you will see sharks.

Shanghai with the three tallest structures in the background, the tallest 120 stories. Where else would you have the world’s largest Starbucks but in a city of 25 million? They claim to be the world’s largest port. The city produces 75% of China’s silk having the perfect climate for mulberry trees. Beijing is the political capital of China; Shanghai and Hong Kong compete for the claim as economic capital.

As we tour Shanghai tomorrow, only two more full days in China.

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