Thursday Morning Coffee — 5/9/19

Will this be the new Grand Canyon?

Let’s see! Thor appoints Valkyrie the Queen of New Asgard in Avengers: Endgame, then he partners with her in the new Men (and Women) in Black: International. Doesn’t this sound like insider dealing? In case you missed it, the trailer above shows the most powerful weapon in the universe. Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are looking good!

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Daniel Craig vs. Rami Malek

Don’t you think it odd that the producers will give us a synopsis, but not a name for Bond 25? Malek will be the bad guy and he promises “I will be making sure Mr. Bond will not have an easy ride of it.” Apparently Bond retired and lives in Jamaica. A CIA agent persuades him to help rescue a kidnapped scientist. The villain possesses a dangerous new technology, we are told. Hmm . . . Is it more dangerous than the most powerful weapon in the universe? Have they seen the new MIB trailer?

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Just how many assassins are there, anyway?

Until now, I never thought about it. With Killing Eve and Gemini Man, and now Cate, there must be more than I ever dreamed. We know that North Korea surely has them, and Iran. Probably the KGB and CIA. Do we count the hit-men for the mob and the enforcers for the cartels? I digress. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who some of you will remember as John McClane’s daughter in the later Die Hard movies, is yet another assassin. The twist is that she is poisoned and has only 24 hours left to find her killer in the streets of Tokyo. This one will be seen on Netflix next year.

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Didn’t some people think Batman was a ghost?

Ghost Army is a true story of a tactical deception unit during WWII. Eleven hundred artists, architects, actors, engineers, and set designers were told to get creative to bamboozle the Nazis. Many will remember the deceptions around D-Day, but the artifice continued through the crossings of the Rhine into Germany. A documentary was made in 2013, but Ben Affleck will now direct and star in a Hollywood version. This is my cup of tea, that is, coffee!

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Everybody knows her name . . .

Actually, we know very little about her. But, she soon will be Ratcatcher in the newest Suicide Squad out in August 2021. Presumably, they didn’t tell this young Portuguese actress that her character was part of the vermin control team in Gotham City. Hopefully, she has no aversion to rats. As a foe of Batman, the alter ego of Otis Flannegan (now a female played by Daniela Melchior) communicates and trains rats and carries a gas gun. Will there be cheese jokes?

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Speaking of rats, sort of . . .

Chloe Moretz will star in a live-action Tom and Jerry movie. Moretz will be an employee at a posh hotel when Jerry shows up and will ruin a wedding. She hires Tom to catch him, unsuccessfully. But, the real villain is her boss, out to get everybody. Unfortunately, neither Tom, nor Jerry, will talk. Shucks!

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Hollywood accounting, again!

Christine Marburg married Dick Wolf in 1983 and they split 20 years later. She received $17.5 million cash, $2 million per year spousal support for eight years, a home in Maine, and more. Interestingly, Law and Order was valued at only $4 million at the time because it was allegedly losing money. After she signed the settlement agreement, she read that he signed a billion dollar deal with NBCUniversal for Law and Order. Too late said the Court. So, she sues the financial advisors claiming they withheld crucial information. Over 15 years later, she loses again due to mediation confidentiality. Do you smell a rat, or Pepe Le Pew?

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