The Kominsky Method — 4.5 Gavels 80% Rotten Tomatoes

Excuse me, but I think I am a Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory) junkie. After bailing out on Grace and Frankie (Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin), I held out little hope for another “old people” comedy, notwithstanding Golden Globe wins for Best Television Series and Best Actor. And Episode One did little to change my mind. Then, a hilarious funeral, followed by a still-crazy (urologist) Danny DeVito, and I was hooked. This may not be for everybody, but I recommend you give it a go. I give The Kominsky Method 4.5 Gavels and it receives an 80% Rotten Tomatoes rating with an impressive 94% Audience score.


Sandy Kominsky is now a respected acting coach having burned all his bridges as an actor. His best friend and agent, Norman Newlander, is about to lose his wife to cancer and needs Sandy more than ever. Except Sandy is not the dependable type, as his daughter, Mindy, will gladly remind anyone who asks. Per normal, Sandy takes an interest in a student, Lisa. It is unusual that Lisa is closer to Sandy’s age, not some starry-eyed twenty-something. Sandy and Norman remind us that old age, even with depression and prostate problems, can still be worth living.

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Michael Douglas is very good as Sandy, but I would give his Golden Globe to Alan Arkin as Norman. Arkin gets the best lines in this buddy comedy, even through his grouchy demeanor. To watch his face is to learn how to act. Nancy Travis (Last Man Standing) is cast perfectly as a confident divorcee who tells Sandy when he screws-up, not afraid to move on. Sarah Baker (Mindy) is the actress you have seen a hundred times in small roles. Here, she is much more prominent and hopefully directors will take note. She takes no guff from her father.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t expect all laughs in this comedy, as Lorre explores loneliness and the need for companionship. Likewise, don’t expect this to be PG, as these men discuss various sex issues. Through it all, Sandy and Norman tell the other what they need to hear, usually followed by an apology. Besides poking fun at some of his own shows, Chuck Lorre tosses in some other folks not seen in awhile, including Ann-Margret, Jay Leno, Patti LaBelle, Corbin Bernson, Elliott Gould, and Eddie Money. As for me, I’m all in for Season Two.

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