Wreck-It Ralph 2 — 3.5 Gavels 87% Rotten Tomatoes

At its heart, Wreck-It Ralph 2 is a story of obsolescence and finding a new life while hanging on to an old friend.  In my mind, this one is not as good as the original as it tries to do too much.  As we watch Ralph Breaks The Internet, we note how vast the internet is.   Then, imagine trying to touch its various aspects, good and bad, while crossing paths with the many Disney characters, and it becomes a bridge too far.  The bit parts, pun intended, are just too itty-bitty to be cohesive.  That aside, the kids will love the colors, the social media references, and Ralph and Vanellope.  And, the ending is perfect.  I give the movie 3.5 Gavels and it receives an 87% Rotten Tomatoes rating.  The Audience rating lags at 76%.


Ralph is happy in his arcade life, but Vanellope wishes for more.  One day, the arcade owner hooks up to the internet, but the arcade characters are warned to stay away.  Then, the Sugar Rush game is damaged and the owner threatens to sell the machine for parts.  Ralph learns that the part can be purchased on E-Boy or E-Bay or E-something.  He wants to fix his best friend’s game.  Ralph and Vanellope go on a hunt to a world unknown to them.

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It is hard to imagine a voice more suited to Wreck-it Ralph than John C. ReillySarah Silverman brings the child-like innocence to Vanellope von Schweetz.  Gal Gadot as Shank becomes a confidante of Vanellope.  Taraji P. Henson is Yesss, an algorithm on BuzzFeed.  You can’t miss the voices of Jane lynch and Alfred Molina, both so recognizable.

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Final Thoughts

Your best friend wants to move to the next chapter.  You don’t want to lose your friend.  You take action.  But, are those actions in your best interest or theirs?   This sequel spends considerable time dealing with the dilemna.  It should be a good lesson for the kids, and for many adults.  Disney expects this movie to make about $70 million this weekend.  With the number of kids in our showing, it appears to be on schedule.  Creed II, Robin Hood and Green Book are not likely to take away from this intended audience.  Tongue-in-cheek, I add that this being a film about the internet, you will see a virus.  It is just as scary as those viruses we see in real-life.  Beware!

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