Little Women — 4 Gavels 43% Rotten Tomatoes

Just one week ago, Friday Morning Coffee noted the quote ” I’m so glad we live in a world, where there are Octobers.”  Today’s quote from Little Women is “We all must make our own paths to our castles.”  Recognizing that I have not read the book and that this is a modern retelling of the story, I am likely less harsh than the critics.  I quite enjoyed it.

To think that this soap opera plays this well 150 years later is amazing.   The movie does show its age a bit when, on two occasions, father says, “How are my little women?”  That is so 1868.  Still, it is quite the tear-jerker.   The title is somewhat of a misnomer; I would call this movie The Jo March Story.  And, I must say that this family has the biggest attic I have ever seen.  I give this movie 4 Gavels but it only receives a 43% Rotten Tomatoes rating.


Their father off to war, the March sisters bond over the years with their hopes and dreams.  Meg wants to marry and have a family.  Jo is certain that she will be a well-read author, impatient to see the world, and irritated by anyone who might disagree with her “path.”  Beth, the kind and generous one, just wants to be surrounded by family.  Amy is sure her castle includes lots of her art, and a certain man.  Over the years, setbacks occur, but they vow to help each other reach their castle.

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The only actor of some repute is Lea Thompson as their mother.  But the actress you will remember is Sarah Davenport as Jo.  With a strong resemblance to a young Jennifer Garner, the camera loves her.  Her best friend is Laurie played by Lucas Grabeel.  He reminds you of a young Michael Buble.  Allie Jennings as Beth, Melanie Stone as Meg, and Taylor Murphy as Amy do well but this movie belongs to Jo.

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Final Thoughts

What happens to these “little women” as they get older?  For that, you must wait until 2019.  Greta Gerwig is directing her version with Saiorse Ronan, Timothy Chalamet, Meryl Streep and Emma Watson.   In this 2018 version, expect some differences from the classic.  Yet, it seems the critics are most conflicted about whether or not the movie is feminist enough, and whether it advances the #metoo movement.  It is a shame they just can’t sit back and enjoy the performances, the story, and setting.  Must all films be political?  In conclusion, the ladies will like this one.  Moreover, if they can get their “knight” out of his “castle,” I suspect he might agree, even if he is reluctant to say so.

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