Friday Morning Coffee with TMJ 3/23/18

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What a haunting picture, especially knowing that Mary Jo Kopechne drowned in that car July 18, 1969.  On that somber note, it is time to look at the new releases for April.

April 6

Chappaquiddick  —  Jason Clarke stars as Ted Kennedy and Kate Mara as Mary Jo in this “investigation” that surely would be handled differently in 2018.  Will it be brave enough to show all the flaws, warts and all?

A Quiet Place  —  The preview states “if they hear you, they will hunt you.”  John Krasinski (soon to play Jack Ryan in the Tom Clancy thrillers) and Emily Blunt star.  Not my cup of tea, but millions will watch it.

Blockers  —  Three single parents find out their daughters intend to lose their virginity on prom night, and are determined to stop them.   Leslie Mann, Ike Barnholtz and John Cena star.  I find Cena about as entertaining as The Rock, but the trailers look pretty sophomoric.

Miracle Season   —  A star volleyball player in Iowa dies and her teammates vow to win the state championship.   Helen Hunt and and William Hurt (two very fine actors) give this likely tear-jerker gravitas.  TMJ is a sucker for these kinds of movies.

April 13

Beirut  —  John Hamm is a former U.S. diplomat recalled to save a friend from a group that likely killed his own family.  An undercover CIA agent is tasked with keeping John alive.  Rosamund Pike co-stars.

Rampage  —  The Rock is back as a primatologist who cares for George, a gorilla.  The bad guys conduct experiments on animals, and those always go awry.   I am not impressed by the trailer, but I don’t bet against Dwayne Johnson; he will save the world and all of its inhabitants.  Naomie Harris, Malin Ackerman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan also entertain.

Truth or Dare  —  Tell the truth or you will die.  Again, you are on your own on this one.

Submergence  —  James McAvoy is being tortured by jihadis in Africa.  Alicia Vikander is diving into the Artic Sea.  Somehow they have a connection to help them survive.  Described as a romantic thriller, early Rotten Tomatoes is 20%.  Ouch!

April 20

Tully  —  Charlize Theron plays an exhausted mother of the young children when a nanny is suggested.  Mackenzie Davis is the nanny.  With an early 89% Rotten Tomatoes, and a make-up artist who can make Theron look less than “absolutely fabulous,” this one is getting some buzz.

Super Trooper 2  —   How many of you saw Super Troopers released in 2001?  I thought not.  We are now in a border dispute with Canada.  These five crazy troopers must set up a post in the disputed territory.   A week before Avengers, things get a little weak!

April 27

Avengers: Infinity War  —  Do you have your tickets yet?  If not, you will not like your seat choices.
Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, The Black Widow, etc., are joined by The Guardians of the Galaxy, including my personal favorite Groot, to save the world from Thanos.  They must not let him collect all six Infinity Stones.  Every actor who has ever received their Screen Actors Guild card is in the movie.  Blockbuster!!!!!!!!

I Feel Pretty  —  For counter-programming, try Amy Schumer’s new vehicle.  She is not happy with her body until she suffers a concussion.  Then, she becomes over-confident as she believes she is the most beautiful woman in the world.  Of course, eventually she returns to Earth.  How will she go forward?  Michelle Williams co-stars.

Kings  —  Halle Berry and Daniel Craig star in a movie about the 1992 Los Angeles riots.  Halle has eight adopted kids; can she keep them alive?  Last year, Kathryn Bigelow directed Detroit, another movie about riots.  Although I thought it was a very good movie, I also think I was the only one to go see it.  Riots generally don’t draw a big audience.

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Since Spring seems to have lost its way, here is a reminder.  Enjoy!

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