Thank God It’s Coffee

A great weekend for Kingsman 2 at its projected $39 million.  A lousy weekend for Lego: Ninjago at only $20 million.  It continues to be IT with an overall total of $266 million.  At this rate, Barnum and Bailey will bring back the circus!  It Chapter 2 is set for September 2019.

In case you haven’t heard, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorcese are teaming up yet again to make a movie about Teddy Roosevelt.  This will be their sixth movie together.  No production details or release dates are available.

When is an Easter egg not an Easter egg?  When it is placed in a movie!  It is defined as an intentional inside joke or hidden message.  Ron Howard is director number three on the new Han Solo movie.  Hints by Howard indicate that we should be looking for an Easter egg and that Jabba the Hutt might make an appearance.  Are you ready for some more slime?

Social media posts indicate that the new Blade Runner movie is great.  But since the reviews are not yet out, who are these folks?  Is the studio behind it?  Surely, no studio would try to influence public opinion.  We’ll see.  Or, as I am want to say, “I’ll be the Judge of that!.”

Soon, work is to begin on Avatar 2 and 3, with 4 and 5 to follow.  The collective budgets for the four movies is said to be $1 billion, that’s billion.  Since Avatar 1 grossed $2.8 billion, seems like a good wager.  But I will wager this.  There is no way that James Cameron makes four movies at $250 million each.  He always goes over budget and no one will stop him!

And, how about this!  Pretty Woman is going to return, but not to the theaters, to the stage.  It is going to be made into a musical on Broadway.  For us Midwesterners, see it in Chicago in March, or see it next fall in New York.

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