Coffee Grounds?

Overheard by a movie critic,  “August is the dumping ground for movies.  Everyone wants to enjoy their last two or three weekends outdoors.  No one wants to go to a movie.”

Query:  Do you have to be a nut job to go see see Nut Job 2?  Warning:  There were no early reviews of this sequel.

Note to future producer self–Do NOT make movies about Detroit riots in 1967 at a cost of $34 million which makes only $7.8 million in first weekend.  Was this a dump?  Will it have legs?  No matter what happens, it was a good movie although tough to watch at times.

Some years ago the Brits complained vociferously about American actress Renee  Zellweger playing an iconic English character like Bridget Jones (Diary).  Now it is our turn to be (faux) outraged! How in the world can Amazon cast Australian born Cate Blanchett (I do admit she is a terrific actress) as Lucille Ball?  What?  We have no American actresses who can fit the bill of the wild and wacky Lucy?  I admit that Javier Bardem appears a great choice for Desi Arnaz although he is Spanish rather than Latino.  So, maybe I am selectively outraged, but perhaps we need to start a letter writing campaign to Amazon.  We could threaten to withdraw our Prime membership.  Well, maybe that’s a step too far.  Still. . . .  This is Lucy we are talking about.  She was born in New York, not in Melbourne, for gosh sakes!

Amazon is also acquiring rights to a Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp story.  Are they going to cast British born Emily Blunt as Monica?  Oh! The outrage!  Of course we know that it will be hard to top John Goodman as Linda but at least he’s American!

Most of you oldsters will remember Charles Bronson and Death Wish.  (This is not the TV show Then Came Bronson nor the Neal Bronson campaign Then Came Bronson.)  Charles Bronson was one of the great tough guys ever.  He didn’t say a lot, but when he spoke, people got the message. And now, a remake of Death Wish by none other than Die Hard Bruce Willis.  Note that this will be removed from New York City to the new murder capital Chicago.   Bruce is avenging his wife’s murder and the attack on his daughter.  Although the cries against revenge justice have already started, at this time in our history, I suppose it’s as timely as any other remake.   And, I think Chuck would approve of Bruce.  (To be released 11/22/17)   But wait, the Enquirer is reporting Bruce Willis is filming Reprisal in Cincinnati except he is a banker instead of a doctor and avenging an attack on his daughter.  Seems fishy; these movies sound a lot alike.  Do you think Bruce is being typecast?

While reminiscing, I want to say goodbye to Martin Landau.  Growing up, Mission Impossible was must-see TV before there was must-see TV.  He won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Emmy for his performances.  Always a consummate actor, perhaps he could have been Spock’s brother (Leonard Nimoy).  Nimoy did replace Landau on MI.  Without Landau, Tom Cruise would have to find another franchise.  Landau will be missed.

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