Kong: Skull Island — 3.5 Gavels 78% Rotten Tomatoes

Tom Hiddleston, fresh off his role as The Night Manager. Brie
Larson as a modern Fay Wray. Samuel L. Jackson as the maniacal bad guy. Kong with a conscience. An underworld beast as Godzilla. John Goodman as the mad scientist. John C. Reilly for comic relief.  And more. This is not your father’s Kong; it is better.

Kong starts off at the end of WWII and then transfers to the end of the Vietnam War. Goodman convinces the government to
explore an island for large creatures. The scenery on this “never
before discovered island” is worth the price of admission. The computer graphics continue to amaze. The previews give a hint that the start of the exploration does not go well.  The rest of the movie is a fresh take on the Kong series.  I would expect a return.

Once again, I had low expectations for this movie. As you know, I am not big on re-makes, but this movie, set in the early seventies, seems different.  Perhaps it was the Vietnam setting that intrigues but this was a good story, too.

If you like monsters, you will love this movie.  If you like the military doing stupid things, then you will love this movie. If you have a soft spot for a misunderstood Kong, you will LOVE this movie. I found this to be a fun movie.  As you might expect, there is some violence and gore, but about what you would expect in an action movie.   Bottom line: If you are not inclined to see this in the theater, it will certainly be worthwhile to see thru Netflix.

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