The Olivers vs. The Oscars (Part Deux)

Previously TMJ discussed Best Picture.  Now the actors.   The Oliver goes to:

Best Actor:

1.  Denzel Washington  — While I hated Fences , Denzel is marvelous to watch.  He glares, he                                                        snaps, he then makes you think he has a little kindness in him, and then                                                   you hate him again.  Not likely to win, but he is THE BEST!

2.  Ryan Gosling  —   The actor who goes against typecast is always going to be in the running.  La La                                     Land likely to win another?

3.  Andre Garfield —  Long way to come for Spiderman!  Can’t imagine anyone else playing this role                                      in Hacksaw Ridge.

4.  Viggo Mortensen  —  I didn’t see this movie.  (Nocturnal Animals)

5.  Casey Affleck  —  Note that I did see this movie and put him behind Viggo.  I was not impressed                                      with Affleck or the movie, apparently unlike the Academy.

Best Supporting Actor

1.  Jeff Bridges  —  He probably should have been in Best Actor category.  No one plays the old                                           sheriff better.  You should see Hell or High water.

2.  Mahershala Ali —  Very good but only in one-third of Moonlight.

3.  Dev Patel —  Good but only in one-half of Lion.

4.  Michael Shannon —  Did not see movie. (Captain Fantastic)

5.  Lucas Hedges — He was good in Manchester by the Sea, but did I mention that I did not like the                                      movie.  Of course, I didn’t like Fences but he is no Denzel.

Next up:  The Actresses

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